Coastline Law Group PLLC is a boutique environmental law firm located on the waters of the Pacific Northwest in Tacoma, Washington.  We represent and advise municipal corporations, businesses, and other entities in matters concerning:

  • Federal and State cleanup actions, including cost recovery, remediation, allocation, and insurance coverage contribution;
  • Agency negotiations and judicial and administrative proceedings involving government regulatory agencies; and
  • Regulatory compliance matters, to achieve redevelopment, and provide counsel to minimize environmental risk.

Coastline has extensive experience in complex multi-party and multi-agency remediation and cost recovery actions involving intricate legal and factual matters with millions of dollars at stake.  We’ve represented clients in some of the largest and most complex environmental remediation matters in the United States.

Coastline is known for its ability to effectively represent clients in these matters by developing strategies to further client objectives, and  working with numerous counsel and agency representatives to create a path and protocol for resolving matters in an efficient manner.

Lawyer for Cost Recovery, Liability Allocation, and Remediation Matters

Federal and state site cleanup can often cost millions.  In some cases, numerous parties and agencies may be involved, and complex legal and factual issues may be at stake.  When a business, municipal corporation, or other entity is involved in such an action, it is critical to retain highly experienced environmental lawyers to protect your entity’s interests and further its objectives.

We have long been involved in all aspects of representing superfund and agency-mandated site clean-up and remediation, including:

  • Negotiations and litigation for liability allocation,
  • Efforts to seek cost recovery from other potentially responsible parties (PRPs) and insurance companies,
  • Negotiations with regulatory agencies concerning the actual scope and performance of remediation, including agency approval and sign-off, and
  • Environmental issues associated with bankruptcy.

Our representation in these matters includes both plaintiffs and defendants. We represent clients in matters arising under under both state and federal environmental law.

For more information about our Cost Recovery, Allocation of Liability, and Remediation Practice and a Statement of our Qualifications for these matters, please contact us.

Insurance Recovery in Superfund and Remediation Matters

Many remediation and cost recovery actions involve complex legal and factual matters, including how liability should be allocated among businesses, municipal corporations, and other “potentially responsible parties.”  In many cases, companies or entities allegedly responsible for environmental pollution may have had insurance policies in place that potentially provide coverage.

Historically, insurance general liability policies generally did not exclude environmental contamination and releases from coverage.  Beginning in the early 1970s with the advent of new environmental laws, insurance carriers began writing policies to exclude many types of environmental contamination from coverage (except for sudden and accidental releases).  Such exclusions were widely in place by 1984.

Environmental Representation for Matters Involving State and Federal Agencies

We routinely represent businesses, municipalities, municipal corporations, and other entities in a wide variety of matters involving state and federal environmental agencies, including the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the State of Washington Department of Ecology.  Our firm’s experience includes numerous negotiations with these and other agencies on administrative orders and other regulatory issues.

Often our representation is in connection with rules and regulations concerning:

  • State and federal cleanup laws, including CERCLA and its state counterparts;
  • Natural Resource Damages (NRD);
  • Clean Water Act (CWA);
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA);
  • Environmental bankruptcy matters;
  • Endangered Species Act (ESA); and
  • Permitting under such regulations.


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